Corporate Christmas gifting 2021

Why send Christmas gifts to your staff or clients?

Running any business relies on having good relationships. Gift-giving can help you to nurture those relationships, showing your team your appreciation for their hard work throughout the year. Sending gifts to your clients during the holidays can help you reconnect with clients, increasing brand awareness as we enter the New Year. 

In 2020 Sapio Search carried out a survey asking 500 UK Business Decision Makers questions about corporate gifting during the holidays. They found that 67% of business decision-makers feel valued by the company when they receive a corporate gift. 79% of organisations were planning promotional activities for the Christmas period. 

In research carried out by Instaprint, the majority (94%) of employees want to receive a gift from their employers this Christmas in order to feel valued, appreciated, and happy. In other research, it was found that 81% of employees who responded to the survey say they feel appreciated when they receive gifts from their employer, and 56% feel recognized for doing a good job.

This highlights how important even a small show of gratitude can be to your employees, which in turn can help boost employee morale, happiness, and productivity in the workplace. 


So, what gifts will truly be appreciated? 

In 2019 Cartwright & Butler surveyed nearly 500 office workers from a diverse range of industries to uncover British corporate gifting habits ahead of the festive season.

The research revealed food and beverage products were most sought after by employees, with almost half (49%) of participants hoping to receive chocolates, hampers, and alcohol. The second most popular gift was employees wanted was gift vouchers (47%), followed by technological items (28%) and stationary (27%). 

An overwhelming majority (94%) said that how personal and thoughtful their staff Christmas gift is, determines whether they will feel grateful or disappointed.


What is the best way to incorporate company branding into corporate gifts? 

Most businesses want to include some form of branding in their Christmas gifts, to create brand awareness or loyalty going into the New Year. And we know most people would like to receive chocolate, hampers & alcohol or a gift voucher this Christmas and they also want these gifts to include a thoughtful element. We have some examples of how we helped our clients over the years incorporate all three of these elements into Christmas gifts their staff and clients loved.


Food and Drink hampers. action coach

This Christmas gift that was given out to clients, we branded a high-quality reusable shopping bag for the chocolates and alcohol to be gifted in. Whilst this bag may seem like a boring inclusion, it will get create use to and from the supermarket and shops creating brand awareness.



Gifts Cards.branded christmas cracker

We created fabulous branded Christmas Crackers as the packaging for a gift card, the cracker also included a note of thanks from the company CEO adding a thoughtful element to the gift.  


For more ideas check out Top 10 Branded Gift Ideas for Christmas 2021.

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