6 Ways to Beat the January Blue and Brighten Up your Workplace.

After the festive cheer of Christmas has vanished, the January blues seem inescapable as we return to the office. In fact, the third Monday of January is known internationally as ‘Blue Monday’ the ‘most depressing day of the year’. The January Blues affects workplace morale and productivity, so we’ve got a few tips to help brighten up your workplace.




1. Welcome your Team Back with a Sweet Treat  1 1

Treat your team to some delicious snacks and encourage them to take a break for tea & coffee. A survey by Investors in People revealed that 44% of employees questioned said that a welcome back from bosses would increase their motivation, so why not take the opportunity to welcome your staff back over some delicious cupcakes or brownies? If you have staff still working from home we’ve got great post-box delivery options as well. 





2. Encourage physical activity 2 1

January is the time for health kicks, it’s been proven time and time again that exercise boosts our moods. Even just stepping out for a walk on your lunch break can kick that sluggish feeling and make us feel happier. Encourage your staff to take their breaks away from their desks. You could consider giving out vouchers for a local yoga studio or fitness class. We also have some great branded merchandise to help encourage exercises – such as smartwatches, yoga mats, and home work-out accessories. 




3. Self-care Gifts 3 1

For many of us, Christmas is a hectic time, with visiting in-laws, last-minute present wrapping, remembering to move that Elf on the Shelf every day! We can often find that by the time January rolls around we are even more worn out than before the holidays. So why not remind your team to take some time to relax in January with a branded self-care box or maybe a subscription voucher to a mediation app. 



4. Play Uplifting Music in the office 4 1

January in the office can feel particularly somber, so why not brighten up everyone’s moods with a feel-good playlist. Now this one depends on the type of office you are in, if clients need to be on phone calls throughout the day, you can’t have Paolo Nutini singing in the background!But, having upbeat music playing even intermittently can definitely boost the mood. Spotify has an upbeat playlist for every taste, we recommend “Feel Good Friday” and “Summer in the Garden”. 



5. Stay Organised in the New Year 5 1

Make sure that your team has everything they need to stay organised and keep stress to the minimum in the new year. We have a great range of desk calendars, diaries, and desk pads, all designed to help you stay focused and organised. 







6. Bring the outdoors in 6 1

Now the Christmas decorations have been taken down the office might feel a bit drab, so why not bring some greenery into your workplace. Having plants indoors has been proven to boost our moods, creativity, and productivity. Why not surprise your staff with new desk plants, we’ve got some great options 






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