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Easy solutions for marketing teams looking to manage the ordering, distribution and storage of promotional merchandise.

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A promotional product is not simply a product

It’s the excitement of receiving something unexpected, a personal thank you, a warm welcome to the team or just a really clever and useful piece of merchandise that you find yourself using everyday (and can’t wait to tell everyone about). Whatever you are looking to achieve and whatever the occasion or reason, M&M delivers a premium experience to support all your campaigns.

Finding what’s right for your business

Giving your brand the special treatment

At M&M, we source, supply and distribute every type of promotional branded merchandise – from employee incentives, working from home boxes or onboarding welcome packs, to uniforms and branded work wear. Whether it’s shipped in bulk or hand-picked and packed, it’s always chosen and delivered with care. We fit your brand. We fit your campaign. We fit your budget. We fit your deadline. And we can fit it all in a beautiful box too.

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Branded promotional products | Marketing and Merchandise

What we do

Promotional products

Whether you want to give away limited edition branded promotional products to support your next launch campaign or memorable merchandising giveaways at a live event, we give every project the full Marketing & Merchandising special treatment.

saving you time


From one-off mail shots to storing and shipping onboarding packs. Every branded merchandise order is picked, packed and shipped to arrive on time, every time. Our M&M team make sure you never miss a deadline again!

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GIPH | Marketing and Merchandise Fulfilment
Branded Product Portal | Branded uniform supplier | Marketing and Merchandise

for your team

Corporate clothing

Need great quality, branded workwear for a small team? Or 500 T-shirts for your next charity event? Need them yesterday? No problem. We specialise in workwear and clothing – so your team can wear your brand with pride.

Keeping you on brand

Your branded product portal

Our unique branded product portal  is the simple way to sort branded merchandise or staff uniforms. For busy Marketing Departments, the portal saves valuable time and resources – and it’s a great brand guardian too. You have full oversight and control over branding on all products, whilst staff can order what they need when they need it. And without needing to email you every time!

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Corporate Eco Gifts Branded | Marketing and Merchandise

helping the planet


If eco-friendly promotional merchandise is important to you and your team, we promise solutions that help us all do our bit to preserve the planet. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

Browse merchandise options

Online Catalogue

If you would prefer to browse promotional merchandise options while you put the kettle on, get in touch, and we will send you a copy. You will find a huge range of merchandise with prices for different quantities. Want to order low volume? Don’t worry—many items can be ordered as few as 50 pieces. Add your preferred merchandise to your basket, create a quote, and we’ll email you product visuals and delivery times.

Dedicated to helping businesses create a stronger, more memorable brand.

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Why Promotional Merchandise ?

Research from the BPMA says 7/10 marketers use promotional merchandise to raise brand awareness leaving their customers and staff feeling “valued, rewarded, excited and special” Don’t underestimate the power of emotion if you are considering using promotional merchandise as a marketing tool for your business. Quality, useful compliant gifts will not only be well received but the feeling of being given a gift will also live in your customers mind.

The average person is subject to 4,000 adverts a day, from TV and radio to billboards and social media. We are constantly being ‘sold to.’ Pence per impression promotional merchandise is the most cost effective form of advertising. Research shows that consumers are 2.5x more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional products compared to internet advertising

Well thought out promotional merchandise is the ‘critical non-essential’ purchase for your business, make your staff feel great and your customer more committed.

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