The Transformative Power of Branded Workwear

Like many aspects of promotional products and branded merchandise, clothing and uniform has come a long way in recent years. 

It’s no longer just about polo shirts, T-Shirts and fleeces, in limited colours and styles. Instead, with a large and growing variety of items available (socks are particularly popular at the moment), there’s more choice than ever.

There are newer branding methods and sustainability can be ticked off too, from materials, to production methods – even printing inks and embroidery threads.

From driving brand awareness to creating brand ambassadors, making a great first impression or considering safety on site, the benefits are wide ranging too.

We’ve collated our tips, hints and advice, so if you are looking  at ordering corporate clothing, uniform or workwear, then read on.

First things first, functionality

Whilst this might not seem the most exciting aspect, it’s a key consideration, before you start browsing for your ideal clothing.

Think about what and who you ordering for.  Are you looking for T-shirts for a one-off charity day, smart clothing for regular events or everyday workwear that needs to work every bit as hard as your teams?  Is sustainability or clothing that supports a circular ecosystem important for your company values (and team or client buy in)?

And don’t forget the practical elements either.  How often will it need to be laundered?  Does it need to be easy care?  What about weather proofing and water resistance or safety considerations, sweat-wicking materials or natural fibres, and also comfort, practicality and ease of movement. 

Get this ironed out and you’re ready to move on.

Set your budget

Whilst there are still economies of scale when it comes to ordering clothing, it’s less of a factor than for consideration than other items of merch, meaning that small MOQs (minimum order quantities) become far more viable.

Other things that can affect your budget include your chosen method of branding and the quality of your clothing.  Then don’t forget any additional costs, such as set up charges, origination or shipping costs. 

Don’t worry though, tell us your budget, along with everything else, and we’ll give you ideas and suggestions to fit.

Watch this video to learn how different techniques can shape the cost of your branded clothing.

The all-important branding

Again, there are a few things to consider here and how you want your brand to come to life can affect the way your garments are branded. 

If you are looking for a subtle logo or similar on the left breast of a T-shirt or jacket, then it’s likely that embroidery is the way to go.  Embroidery is a durable option with the cost based on a stitch count – literally, how many stitches are needed to create the final design in its actual size.  It’s also based on the number of positions, rather than colours used, and we will send you a swatch for approval. 

If you want to go big and bold, for example across the back of a polo shirt, hoodie, gilet or hi-vis safety vest, or have a highly detailed design then printing is probably the best way forward.

Traditionally this would mean screen printing but again, depending on the image (especially if it’s highly coloured or intricate), we might recommend a digital transfer print or for even dye sublimation, where the inks are absorbed into the fibres of a garment, meaning it’s super hard wearing.

Want to add a personal touch to any product? Check out our video on patches!


Samples are a great way to check out all number of aspects of a garment.  You can see the true colour (remember screen colours can vary greatly) and get a real feel for the fabric and the quality.  

Sizing can also vary between styles and manufactures, and whilst we can give you relevant sizing guides, there’s nothing like getting your hands on the real thing.

We can supply you with unbranded samples and as long as they are returned, or used against a subsequent order, then any costs for samples will be refunded.

Clothing with a conscience

Corporate clothing hasn’t missed out on the drive for sustainability in our industry and there are plenty of fantastic and innovative examples, covering everything from source materials to supply chains, production methods and packaging.

There are also some amazing stories behind some of the ranges available, which you can share with your teams or clients. 

One such example is Tiger Cotton®.  What started as a pilot with WWF India is now a full-scale project, helping to convert conventional cotton farmers into certified organic ones, and in doing so, helping to conserve the great Bengal Tiger, by creating healthy corridors for them to walk between reserves.

If sustainability is important to you, then let us know your company values and policies from the get-go and we can source your clothing to match.

Also, check out our video on sustainable fashion with this Iqoniq clothing!

Easing your workwear workload

If you order clothing on a regular basis then our product portal can lighten your load.

Forget the spreadsheets of styles, sizes and colours.  Instead, we’ll create a portal where your teams can log in and select what they want from your pre-agreed items.  We can even post out directly to them. 

You will stay in firm control of your budget and your brand, just without the workwear work! 

Contact the team today for more information.

And finally…

A quick word about timescales and deadlines.  Whilst there will usually be options for last minute orders with a fast turnaround, clothing is one area where we would advise you to take your time.

Not only will it increase your choices, but it also means that we have time to take all your considerations and preferences into account, meaning you will have the prefect workwear that works hard for you and your brand.

Contact us if you would like to know more!

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