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One in a million

Learning Curve Group is a national training and education specialist.

They work with further education providers, employers and learners, to help them achieve success and transform lives through learning.

In 2020, Learning Curve Group reached a massive milestone. They set a mission in 2015 to transform one million lives through learning and, despite a pandemic and completely over-hauling their face-to-face delivery models to fit an online world, they achieved it!

This was definitely something to be celebrated, and Head of Marketing, Rachel Cornforth, knew exactly who could help!

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Learning Curve socks | Marketing and Merchandise

The Brief

Having worked regularly with M&M on a number of projects, Rachel didn’t hesitate to contact us to discuss ideas for branded merchandise to help mark their one million milestone and say a big thank you to those involved.

The campaign was two-fold:

  • LCG simply wouldn’t have been able to meet their internal mission without the help of everyone who works there – also known as their Purple People.
  • Similarly, their target couldn’t have been achieved without all the learners and employers involved either and marking their contribution was also key.

In short, we needed memorable, unique, on brand products with distinct messaging for each audience.

Just to add another challenge into the mix, whatever merchandise was chosen, it needed to fit through a domestic letterbox!

The approach and the merchandise

Rachel had some initial thoughts and with these in mind, the team set to work, researching, sourcing and coming up with ideas and samples that would be the perfect match for LCG’s brief.  Then it was time to narrow down the ideas and make some final choices.

For their Purple People, what says thank you for working your socks off better than a branded pair of socks (purple of course).

To accompany these, we added a pack of Millions sweets, letting everyone know they really are one in a million. These sweets would also work perfectly for the employers, once they were back in the office.

As for their learners, a One Million pin badge was mounted on a small, printed card which fit snugly into the envelopes used to send out their certificates.

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cheap branded merchandise uk | Marketing and Merchandise

Handled with care

With the majority of their Purple People working from home during the pandemic, logistics were a little more challenging than usual, but the simple answer was M&M’s fulfilment service.

Each of their Purple People’s gifts were packaged with care, in a shiny purple bubble pack, individually addressed and despatched in one go.

For us, it’s all part of the service – for Rachel and the Marketing team, it was a huge help and time efficiency service that made a big difference.

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Learning Curve | Branding
Learning Curve | Fulfilment Marketing Gift
Learning Curve | Fulfilment Marketing Merchandise Platform

The all-important results

All pieces of merchandise were met with surprise and delight and social media channels soon became awash with purple, as the LCG teams and learners posted pictures of their socks, sweets, badges and certificates.

All of this activity and engagement was easily tracked too, thanks to the hashtags printed on the product packaging.

“The response to the One Million campaign was fantastic” explained Rachel.  “Our Purple People are passionate about working here and engagement campaigns like this are a small way we can say thank you. Our MD gets very excited about these campaigns too and loves reading the countless messages of ‘thanks’ as well. 

“Seeing our learners sharing their achievements with photos of their certificates and their pin badges was also hugely rewarding.

“The volume of comments across our social channels and the reactions of the recipients clearly showed that the merchandise and gifts we chose hit the mark yet again and being able to use M&M’s fulfilment service was ideal.

“To have a merchandise partner who really understands your business, how you work and your campaign goals – and can source, supply and send everything out as well is a real bonus. Would I recommend M&M? Absolutely!”

Let’s talk! To find out more and about creating your own branded product portal, give us a call.

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