M&M’s Easter Biscuit Decorating Competition

3,2,1…  Decorate!

Our Easter Biscuit competition has had some fab entries over the past weeks! We loved the incorporation of company logos into the biscuit designs, but we haven’t picked a winner yet. To vote for your winner from the gallery below and leave a comment below letting us know your favourite biscuit design! The Prize? Eternal glory & bragging rights, of course.

Want to hold your own biscuit decorating competition?

Or just looking for something fun to send out to your staff or clients? Our biscuit decorating box’s come in a variety of shapes and can be delivered too individual addresses in quantities as low as 10 units. Each box can be branded with your logo and includes an edible icing logo for decorating. If you arent a biscuit person we also have brownie decorating kits for you to choose from! If you are interested in sending out fun & delicious decorating kits to your staff or clients, drop us an email at sales@marketing-merchandise.co.uk or give us a call at 01242907041.


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