5 Top Tips for Time Management

Time Management & Working From Home.

Time management can be a struggle for everyone, but working from home has certainly added to the struggle. Without our normal routines, workspace’s and face to face contact with colleges staying on top of our many tasks is a lot harder than usual. If you implement these five tips into your workday, you can complete that to-do list and feel accomplished by 5 pm!

1. Write it Down.

Use the first 30 minutes of your day to create a to-do list. First of all, write EVERYTHING down – this way you won’t forget that little task’s like ’email john from accounting’ or ‘change Microsoft password’. Many people find the physical act of ticking off each task from their to-do list helps to motivate them to complete the next task.

The Cross Journal & Notebook Set is a client favourite for taking notes and writing out a to-do list. This luxury set can be embossed and engraved with any logo, making it the perfect branded merchandise for time management.

2. Prioritise.

As you organise your to-do list, prioritisation is key for successful time management at work. Start by identifying three or four of your most important tasks and schedule them first – this way, you can guarantee you have finished the essentials. 

Our A4 Desk Pads are perfect for planning out your day. The options are limitless when it comes to designing this merch and each page can be customised to your company and employees needs.

3. Take Breaks. 

The human brain can only focus for around 90 minutes at a time. Make sure to schedule breaks at least

 every 90 minutes to avoid burnout and maintain high productivity throughout your day. 

The ‘Pomodoro Technique‘ has often been hailed as full proof time management techniques that keep you productive by taking regular breaks. Our Branded Egg Timers are the perfect companion for those who want to try the Pomodoro Technique. 

4. Avoid Multitasking. 

This is perhaps the simplest tip but can be the hardest to follow. You lose time and productivity when you switch from one task to another. You’ll complete tasks faster when you focus on the task at hand and block out distractions. 

5. Learn to say NO.

You’ll never be able to manage your time wisely if you don’t learn how to say no. When you have too many tasks on your plate you will always be stressed and unable to complete everything on time. Only say yes to the projects and tasks you have time for! 


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