How Global Market Fluctuations will affect us

M&M would like to make our clients aware of the current price fluctuations in the global marketing effecting both raw materials and logistics services and how they are affecting promotional merchandise prices.

Over the past 18 months, the pandemic has caused shortages of goods particularly since the UK has left the EU, on top of this there have been challenging port, freight, and carrier conditions across the world. As such the price of raw materials has started to rise over the past 9 months including industry staples such as cardboard, paper, and plastic – increases the price of products across many markets and industries.

The industry is bracing for further price increases.

In anticipation of the rising prices, suppliers across the industry are expected to revise their pricing over the coming months considering the situation. Over the past year, many suppliers have borne the additional freight and raw material prices, however, this is understood to no longer be a viable solution for many.

What this means for your promotional merchandise.

At M&M we will continue to offer the best promotional merchandise available at a fair price to all our clients. We are in constant contact with suppliers across the world to keep up to date on any fluctuations in the prices of the products and services we offer. With our constant communications with suppliers throughout your entire experience with us, we will be able to inform you of any price changes and effects on the Leadtime’s of your merchandise.

With the UK slowly returning to ‘normal’, we know that many of our clients are eager to provide their teams and customers with great merchandise your companies get back to the office and host events and we cannot wait to help you in your endeavors! We do ask however that our clients manage their expectations when it comes to the pricing and Leadtime’s of their merchandise, especially in regard to repeat orders. Whilst we will continue to always be honest with our clients, providing you with the best service and we shall continue to bring your promotional merchandise dreams to life.

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