Top promotional products and branded merchandise trends for 2022

Trade shows are back and the team recently visited Merchandise World to see all the newest, latest and greatest promotional products, ready to be branded. And what a lot there was to see. As expected, sustainability was a big theme as was technology.

So many things caught our eye, but we have collated some of our favourites, based on the ever-popular items our clients order over and over again.

Trending promotional products 2022


Stationery is a great option as it’s something we all use daily and can place your brand directly on your customers desks (and pockets or bags).

  • Notebooks are always popular and eco is a big theme here. Notable examples included the Como which features a textured coloured cover made from plastic bottles, and stone paper pages, made from limestone sourced from quarry waste, which is both water and grease resistant.
  • The Infusion notebook redefines personalisation, offering pantone matched colours and truly customisable pages (from weight to page design), so you can create your own unique journals, bespoke diaries or personalised planners to really elevate your brand and messaging.
  • How about a reusable option? Available with bamboo or coloured covers that can be branded, the Bambook takes note taking in a whole new direction and is customisable in terms of page make up. The big difference though is that when you have finished, you can scan, save and upload your notes using the associated app and then literally wipe the page clean and start again. It’s a notebook for life.
  • Promotional pens are another best seller but with a growing focus on eco products, this one stood out. The Virtuo pen is made from recycled aluminium cans, whilst the plastic trim comes from recycled water bottles. Available with a range of coloured trims, we think this is bound to be a big seller.




Useful promotional products tend to get used over and over again; stylish and quality reusable bags fit the bill and get your branding out and about.  So, what piqued our interest at MW22?

  • When time is of the essence, the Salvage tote is just the ticket. This bag uses salvaged waste cuttings from organic cotton clothing blended with recycled plastic bottles.  It’s super soft to the touch and can also be printed with vegan inks, emulsions and glues.  It’s already a winner in our eyes but better still, orders can be printed and delivered within 24 hours!
  • These natural or coloured fair trade, eco-friendly bags (available as a shopper or a drawstring style – perfect for the gym) offer a lot more than just a large print area. They are also made from 100% organic cotton, protecting the environment, the farmers and the cotton trade.
  • The Pixoo backpack will definitely stand out in a crowd. Whilst this lightweight, compact backpack is fully functional with eight storage compartments and capacity for a 13inch laptop, it will definitely command attention due to its custom pixel art display.  Simply connect a powerbank, pair your phone and get ready to get creative with the ultimate portable billboard.



The benefits of hydration and reducing plastic waste are well documented – and when on average someone using a reusable bottle will save them from using 100 disposable bottles every year,  it’s easy to see why drinkware is such a popular pick for promotional products.  You’d be forgiven for wondering what’s new though, but here are three promotional products we think are definitely worth a mention.

  • How about a bottle that is also a cup? For anyone who doesn’t like a hot drink from a bottle, the Cupple gives users both an insulated water bottle that’s perfect for your cold drinks, then slip the sleeve off the bottle to reveal an insulated hot drinks cup with lid.  It’s a very clever combination that’s also very stylish and offers multiple branding areas.
  • If you are after a high-end product, then we think the TOPL is the all thrills, no spills champion of reusable insulated coffee cups. The 360-degree rim means it’s just like drinking from a normal cup or mug and if you accidently knock it over, the lid mechanism snaps shuts, preventing any accidental spills.
  • Finally, if you prefer a mug to a beaker design, then the Java insulated coffee mug with lid is an ideal option.



Tech Products

  • Tech promotional products including powerbanks, wireless chargers, speakers, ear buds and even massage guns were in abundance – potentially indicating a move towards clients looking for high quality and well thought out, relevant gifts (rather than lower end mass merchandise).
  • Eco-friendly versions also featured highly, from wooden products to recycled plastic waste. There was so much available though, from mini magnetic speakers to a speaker with a customisable chip option (great for brands with distinctive sounds) it was impossible to pick a favourite.


Festive and food

  • Cake jars an interesting alternative to a branded cupcake, and they will keep for longer too. Ideal for parties, events, trade shows, celebrations or a treat in the post, the label boasts a 5cm print area and the glass jar comes with an attached spoon, all ready to dig in. Available in Victoria sponge, lemon, strawberry or vegan Brownie flavours, these are sure to go down a treat.
  • It’s never to early to think about Christmas and we found some eco gems, including branded baubles made from recycled yoghurt pots and sustainable wooden tree decorations available in bespoke shapes, whilst fabric decorations and re-usable crackers are also on the (Christmas) cards.


If you would like further information on any of the products shown contact us HERE.

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