The Best Back to Work Branded Merchandise.

The best back to work branded merchandise for your staff.

With lockdown slowly easing in the UK, many of us are starting to return to the office. So here are some branded back to work merchandise ideas to keep your staff safe and happy.


Vacuum sealed ‘Chilly’ style Water Bottles.

These stainless steel bottles are vacuum insulated to keep your drink cold for 24 hours & hot for 12 hours, they are leakproof and sweat-proof. We have a large variety of colours available to match your branding. Each bottle can be engraved with your company logo and individual names, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally drinking from a colleagues bottle.


Branded Tech Products.

Being out and about more means that we often are using our phones more, so why not gift your staff a branded power bank or wireless charging point?

wirless phone chargerbranded power bank

Branded Masks & Hand Sanitiser.

Supply your staff with their own branded face mask. We have a variety of branded hand sanitiser products for you to choose from. Check out this branded mask and sanitiser back to work pack we recently created for one of our customers. branded mask and hand sanitiser Back to Work Cans.

A neat little can full of products to keep you refreshed and ready for a day in the office. Includes dextrose energy sweets, 10ml lip balm, 20ml credit card hand sanitiser, 10ml Relaxing balm and pack of 5 tissues. If you don’t like our set, go creative and make your own kit!

back to work merchandise can

Social Distancing Signage.

Encourage social distancing in your workplace with branded signage, self-adhesive floor stickers and safety barriers.

social distance header

Anti-microbial Accessories.

Anti-microbial accessories are a great way to gift your staff branded office accessories that will also ensure a germ-free environment.

anti-microbial door opener antimicrobial tote bag












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All merchandise in this post can be branded to your companies branding guidelines.

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