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We currently offer three different portal options:

Brand Builder

If you already order a range of promotional merchandise from M&M, then the good news is you can have your own Branded Product Portal free of charge (yes – we did say FREE!).

We will give you access to our bespoke Product Portal, where images of your merchandise are all in one place, along with all the information you will need, such as lead times and MOQs. Your named user will have access to the portal through their password-protected account. 

Re-ordering your products has never been easier!  No more searching emails to find the name and details of ‘that’ pen or polo shirt; instead, you simply pop your ‘order’ into your basket to generate an enquiry and a quote.  We can then process your enquiry quickly and easily.

What if you want something new?  Just message us via the portal and we will pick up your enquiry. This item can then be added to your portal for future orders.  

Sounds good? We think so – just contact us to get the ball rolling.

Brand Guardian

Our Level 2 Product Portal is perfect for those of you who want an easy way to manage your merchandise and let other departments or team members order, while still keeping control of your brand. 

For just £50* a month multiple users can have access to the Product Portal, all with their own password-protected account. 

Once you approve access, users can raise an enquiry for merchandise from a range of products that you have already approved. The cost of the order can be allocated to individuals or departments, so you can stay firmly in control of your budget. And don’t worry – we will always require a PO number or approval from the main user before any order goes through.

Since the items on the portal have already been approved, there is no need for any back-and-forth about artwork, speeding up the entire process. And if you want something new, we are still available to chat about options and provide images for inspiration.

Want to save yourself some time?  Contact us for more information.

*plus VAT

Brand Champion

If you are a busy Marketing Team that wants to let other departments order their own merchandise whilst still keeping control over your budget and brand, level 3 is the option for you. This option gives you all the functionality of Level 2, with the added bonus of using your branding to make the Product Portal truly your own. 

For just £50* a month, with an additional, one-time £1,000** developer fee, your Product Portal will save you time and money. You get to choose how we process your orders – either as we receive them or on a monthly basis. For example, if you have four offices placing orders for pens, we can collate these orders and print them all in one go, before shipping to the four locations. Combining orders like this makes them less expensive and more sustainable.

If this sounds like the ideal way to manage your merchandise, then contact the team today.

*plus VAT

**estimated cost

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